How much does it cost to repair iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X?


Your iPhone is more than just a telecommunication device. It’s a status symbol. A crack on your iPhone screen is a crack on your image, and walking around with a broken screen— Oh boy??

So what would you do if your favorite –gadget – de – irresistible – iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X – accidentally suffers a drop & a subsequent broken screen?

Here’s a quick lowdown of how iPhone repair costs have progressed since the days Mr. Jobs announced its launch and how much moolah would it take to repair the screens.

When the glass cracks on an iPhone, there is a big chance that the LCD can break too. Therefore, repair costs vary for ‘screen only’ and ‘other damages.’ We are listing out what the costs look like in 2017. For the benefit of Indian readers, we have converted dollars to INR at the current exchange value.

If your iPhone X is the victim, you need to shell out a whopping INR 18000/- only to fix the screen and INR 35,000 plus for other damages. Likewise for the iPhone 8 Plus, screen fixing costs roughly INR 11000/- and nearly INR 26000/- for other damages. For iPhone 8 the screen costs INR 9620/- and other damages at nearly 23000/-. iPhone 7 Plus screen costs up to INR 11000/- and damages come at approx. 23000/-. For iPhone 7 it is INR 9620 and 21000/- respectively. iPhone 6S Plus is 11000/- and 22000/-. In the case of iPhone 6S it is 9620/- again and approx. 20,000/- respectively. iPhone SE, the lowest model alive, costs INR 8328/- for screen repair and INR 17369/- for damages.

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