5 things to consider when buying a One Plus 5T

One Plus phones have always managed to get the required attention, so it is not surprising that the new One Plus5 is grabbing eyeballs. Unlike the year 2014 when the first One Plus was launched in India, now there are many phones in the same league. Since the money you’ll pay for a One Plus is not just a couple of thousands, here are 5 things you must consider before buying the latest version of the phone.

      1. Are you a photography enthusiast or the Selfie person?

The brand is pushing its dual camera like never before. Camera has become one of the unique selling points for any smartphone today. However, do evaluate what you are going to do with the camera? If it’s just about taking selfies and party pictures, then there are many smartphones, which offer the same camera specs at, much cheaper prices

      2. Battery life claim?

The brand claims the Dash Charge powers the phone to run for a day in just half hour charging.  Do evaluate from your phone usage perspective. If you are into gaming, you must pay extra attention to this factor. After all, you don’t want to be out of power in middle of an intense game.

       3. Service centre accessibility from your location?

There are exclusive and authorized service centres available mainly in the metros and top cities. However, if you are in the far North East then it is a problem and North East is just one such example.

      4. Warranty vs extended warranty?

The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device and 6 months on the battery and other in-box accessories. The warranty and extended warranty cover factory defects only and the definition may differ from what you think and what the brand believes in.

5. Damage and Theft Protection?

Given the price you will pay for the phone, leaving it at the mercy of fate may not be the right way to go about it. You must avail the OneAssist Plans for an added coverage that will last even after the Brand Warranty dissolves.

Your phone is you, digitized. Even a small damage to it, unrepaired, may cost you heavily. Therefore, invest in a good plan and get complete peace of mind.

Live assisted. #StayProtected.

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