A broken screen is not the end of life for your swanky phone


Picture this; you and your friend are having an interesting conversation on the phone. All of a sudden the doorbell rings and alas! The gang of cousins is here. They scream …surrrrr….priiiiiii…seeee….your phone slips, and….two minutes of silence for, you know what…

The cracking of the screen of your phone or my phone or anyone else’s phone is always a dramatic story. However, the real struggle is to decide what next? Repair is the first thing on your mind, but finding out the cost of repairing your screen, you’ll cringe.

Buying a new phone is the next thought, but god forbid if you had an iPhone or the Galaxy Note series. You are thinking whether to downgrade to a cheaper phone in the interim or to go for the repair. Anyone who has faced a similar situation would agree that this is nothing short of an agneepariksha of the modern times.

Both situations have follow-up situations to evaluate. If all of us opt for buying a new phone each time the screen crashes, then soon the world will submerge under a tsunami of unused phones. With repair, the risk of a follow up repair always lingers. So to be or not to be? Can you feel the pressure of this life-altering question already?

Chill guys, it’s not the end of life.

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