Why buy a Protection Plan for your smartphone?


After months of saving your pocket money and further pooling money from your parents, you are now loaded enough to buy your favourite smartphone! Congratulations! But have you also thought about how you are going to keep your dear phone safe from any untoward incidents? No, then do your research now to find out about Mobile Protection Plans.

What is a Mobile Protection Plan? It’s a plan that covers risks to keep your smartphone protected. Let’s take a quick look at the various risks around your mobile phone.

  1. Damage or theft.
  2. Damage arising from fire, lightening and explosion.
  3. Liquid/fluid damage.
  4. Loss arising due to personal negligence such as losing, misplacing or forgetting it somewhere.
  5. Loss arising from attempted theft.
  6. Act of God.
  7. Loss due to nefarious activity, cyber-attacks, terror attacks etc.
  8. Damage due to incorrect installation and incorrect set-up.
  9. Any loss arising outside the Indian Territory.
  10. Damage to accessories.

Smartphones are so crucial to our lives that people often become restless the minute there phone is out of sight. Last I remember, this was how people felt when their kids were away. It’s amazing to think what all we do using our smartphones and not keeping them protected is something we just can’t afford anymore.

It is advisable therefore, to go for a Protection Plan as soon as you buy your phone. Though, it’s not too late even if you decide to go for it after reading this. Check out OneAssist for Mobiles. Covers your risks and renders a great service with it.

 Live Assisted. #StayProtected.

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2 thoughts on “Why buy a Protection Plan for your smartphone?

  1. your call centre employee Mr Bhushan has made a mistake of entering wrong name as the person insured for the mobile policy #3579594. This is inspite of clarifying the name several times during the 45 minutes conversation over phone. Please check your call records to verify my statement. To my utter suprise the policy was issued with incomplete name.

    I have been asked by Mr Bhushan by apologizing to write an email to the back end team. The back end team instead of correcting the mistake has asked me to explain the difference in name in case of any future claim. I know these insurance companies who would reject the claims for simplest of reasons and I am not sure if i have any claim in the future, weather the company would approve my claim.

    Why should i be penalized for the mistake of your team. Get this resolved immediately.

    1. deepalimohite

      Dear Ravi, We regret for the inconvenience caused to you. As informed to you by Shinell, you need to present a Bonafide letter when you raise the claim. This will help us to process your claim smoothly. Deepali Team OneAssist

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