Five Resolutions for Your Phone this New Year


What did you do when the clock struck 00:00 this New Year? Took a midnight selfie on your smartphone?! Or made a call to your loved ones? Or watched the fireworks from your balcony?

There were some of us who preferred the quiet of our homes and spent time with our family. For some, the idea of welcoming the New Year was by going early to bed and beginning with an early start. Not to forget the adventurous and whacky kind who went for a wanderlust, exploring a new place to connect with the nature to begin the year with revived energies!

While all the New Year warmth spread, our phones got swamped with messages, gifs and videos. Phone memories got loaded with lots and lots of data, much akin to overfeeding yourself! So while you make resolutions to get fit in 2018, it’s time to take some resolutions to keep your phone fit as well.

Let your phone breathe free!

Clearing the browsing data and storage is definitely a good way to begin with! Your phone may have a massive memory to bear the brunt, but there’s a limit to that. No one likes seeing the ‘storage space is running low’ notification on the phone! So uninstall the storage hoggers such as the bulky unused apps and large games.

Edit those photos!

We keep clicking pictures and plan to edit them and post them on our social media handles one day but that day never arrives. So get a super swanky photo editing app with some classy filters to sparkle up your photos.

Take security seriously

2017 was the year when malware and ransomware attacks made headlines. 2018 should be the year of staying ahead of the curve and getting smarter. Installing software updates, app updates and software patches, using strong passwords and phone locks are some mobile security basics which you can’t ignore.

Anti-glare screen protector

Mobile screens emit blue light which is harmful for the eye and can disrupt the sleep cycle if you are using the phone before bedtime. Premium smartphones have added blue light filters to their operating systems to cut down on the exposure. But to ensure that you keep your eyes safe all the time, get an anti-glare screen protector for your phone screen.


Last but not the least, a phone warranty is the best gift that you can give your phone in 2018. While it protects your phone in case of inadvertent slips and falls, you can go about hassle-free and enjoy what you love doing the most- whether it is jogging with your phone strapped on to your phone holder or going on a hike and taking photos of the nature.

Live Assisted. #StayProtected.

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