Five Resolutions for Your Wallet this New Year


Are you ready with your New Year resolutions list? It’s time to wipe the proverbial slate clean. Make way for new things- new ideas, new experiences, and a new spirit. For starters, here’s a memory challenge for you! Are you up for it? Come on! It’s going to be fun! The challenge is as simple as this…

Step 1: Place your wallet on the table, covered with a piece of cloth.

Step 2: Get a pen and a paper.

Step 3: Set the countdown timer on your phone to a minute.

All set? Great! Now make a list of all the things that are in your wallet. You have to do this under a minute. Let’s see how well you know your wallet! No peeking! Let the game begin!

3..2..1! Time’s up! How many things could you list? Now open your wallet and compare. Add 10 points for every hit and subtract 5 points for every miss. Snaps for you if you did not miss anything and got a perfect score!

Did you find any surprises? A passport photo of your childhood for instance? Or did you discover a money bill that you had hidden for a rainy day and had completely forgotten about? Did you find all your ID proofs in place?

When it comes to an average Indian’s wallet, there’s such a thing as being over-prepared. While all of us are making New Year resolutions for ourselves, maybe it’s also time to prioritize our wallet and make the resolutions for it too. Here they go…

Weigh your wallet

While you might make plans to lose weight, it’s time for your wallet to lose its bulge. Keep only the bare essentials such as ID proofs, some lose change, and notes. The card holder can take care of your credit and debit cards.

Keep those IDs safe

Carry just the required ID proofs to prevent losing all, in case of loss or theft. This will save your run around from getting new ones. Keep softcopies backed-up on your email or cloud storage for easy access to the document images.

Go digital!

Go digital wherever possible. For example, explore the option of consolidating your loyalty and reward cards digitally. Use e-wallets for transferring money. Store your grocery lists, library membership or any coupons on your phone.

Make it a routine

Make a de-cluttering plan for the future to avoid things getting piled-up in your wallet again. You can slot say a Sunday once a month for cleaning your wallet.

Get a warranty

Get a warranty for your wallet. Warranties help you protect your Credit cards, Debit cards and ID proofs against loss, thefts and frauds.

So which of these resolutions are you going to pick first? Hold on tight to them! Trust the magic of new beginnings!

Live Assisted. #StayProtected.

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