Galaxy Note 8 vs Pixel 2 XL – Which One is Tougher


Durability is one of the main concerns when one is buying a flagship smartphone from a renowned brand. After spending a stupendous amount of money for your phone, wouldn’t you want it to be durable enough to handle a few falls and bumps? It’s definitely not a good feeling finding the back of your phone shattered after a shoulder-height drop. Keeping that in mind, a comparison was made between the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Google’s Pixel 2 XL on the grounds of their physical toughness.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Note 5’s successor, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is made using durable aluminum and also comes with a glass back panel. The phone also features Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and the back sides. That being said, how durable is the phone when it comes to everyday usage? As per the Mohs scale, it scratched on a scale of 2-9 at level 6, which is pretty much the case with most smartphones today. Good news is, when the device was dropped on its back from waist height on an asphalt surface, it showed no signs of any noticeable damage. Minor scratches appeared; however, when the phone was dropped on its side with the bottom landing first. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that after making a few scratches on it, the fingerprint scanner still worked just fine. The phone also doesn’t let you down in terms of the bending test, as it could not be bent using hands.

Google Pixel 2 XL

Pixel 2 XL is much sleeker yet bigger compared to its predecessor, which adds to its elegance and makes the device comfortable for handling without a doubt. However, can the phone survive the everyday abuse? The phone began getting scratches at level 6 on a scale of 2-9, which is exactly the same as Galaxy Note 8. The device’s scratch resistant metal grill definitely does the job as expected and the front camera also stays protected, thanks to Gorilla Glass 5. However, when it comes to the bend test, the phone did not do so well and the fingerprint scanner stopped responding after a few scratches.


In terms of physical toughness, Pixel 2 XL shows great endurance, given its sleek build. However, the Galaxy Note 8 wins by more than just a whisker on account of its sturdy, more shatterproof build.

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