Handy Tips for Your Backpacking Trip


Saving up for your first backpacking trip? Be rest assured that this is going to be special! While you figure out the destination, mode of travel and the itinerary, also consider these tips as they can make your trip easy to plan.

Main Luggage

Choosing the right bag is the basic thing. Towing around too much luggage is the last thing that anyone would want to do. A travel backpack with sturdy wheels can be your choice for a rough terrain. If saving time is your motto, go for a carry-on luggage to skip airport check-ins. If you want to cut down on the base weight of the luggage, a duffel bag is another option.

Organizing your luggage

Know what is kept where to avoid a desperate search in the whole luggage when you need something urgently. You can compartmentalize your bag with packing organizers. They also help you compress your clothing well so that you can create ample space in the bag for other things. You can even arrange the clothes according to the day to increase efficiency and keep it clean.

Carry the basic clothing for day & night according to the weather of the destination. Carry some extra pairs of essential clothing. If you are going to the beach side, carry your swimsuit, flip-flops, a sunscreen with good SPF and a good pair of goggles.

In-transit accessories

To stay comfortable while travelling, carry a travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs. A good book and a loaded music playlist are sure-shot boredom killers while in transit. To charge your devices on the go, carry your power bank with at least 2500mAH battery capacity. It will help you charge a 2000mAH phone once. Carry a 4500mAH model if you want to charge your phone twice. Also, buy a powerbank with at least two USB points to charge two devices simultaneously.

Tech-it up

Make the best use of your smartphone while travelling. Load copies of all your important travel documents on your phone.  Download apps that help with language, directions, money conversions and games too. Load e-books if you want to save space by doing away with the hardbacks. Save your itinerary on a calendar, with reminders set. Carry a good camera or a Go Pro/video camera, memory card and chargers. You can also load guide books and maps on your phone or iPad.

Important IDs and Travel Documents

Carry your passport and visas, personal IDs, Cash and credit cards which work in the area of your travel. Carry your health insurance cards or documents, hotel information, emergency contact information and copies of all these things if you lose your wallet. You can get a wallet protection plan to protect the contents of your wallet in case of a loss or theft.

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