How to Securely Use E-Wallets

With digital wallets making a way for a cashless society, they have been adopted in most parts of the world. Imagine this, you are super late for work and decided to go for a takeout; wouldn’t you want to just make the purchase instantly without having to worry about the loose change? Digital wallets basically allow you to make payments online without accessing your bank account. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle warrants a digital economy, and with the new user-friendly regulations, the concept is spreading like a wildfire among both the consumers and merchants. E-wallets are also becoming popular with travelers, mostly because of the portability and foreign currency options they offer. Here’s a list of things to look out for when using E-wallets to avoid losing your sensitive data and money to hackers.

Opt for all the available security measures

Be it OTP or fingerprint authentication, make sure that you have opted for all the available security measures while using E-wallets.

Proceed when you are absolutely sure

While making a payment, it is always recommended to check the amount and beneficiary’s account number twice. Once the payment is processed, getting it reverted is almost always impossible.

Keep your phone malware free

Clicking on suspicious links and popups received from unreliable sources can make your device prone to malware attacks. Installing an anti-malware application will help you foresee, and potentially prevent these attempts.

Apps downloaded from unknown sources are also among the most common causes of a malware attack on the device. Such apps usually ask for administrative access and extract sensitive credentials from the affected device.

Stay protected

Finally, apart from following all the security measures, it is always better to secure your digital wallets under a protection plan for that peace of mind.

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