Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator at its Maximum Efficiency

Who wouldn’t want to keep their home appliances in a good shape? The longer they last, the lesser you have to worry about getting them fixed. Did you know that, on an average, a fridge lasts only for the five-year warranty period?

Once a luxury, refrigerators have now become a necessity in almost every household for food storage. Fridges practically work 24/7 to keep your food fresh and safe to consume. And with proper care, they can continue doing so for decades. The following tips will help you ensure a longer life for your fridge and save a lot on them electricity bills too.

Keep the condensers clean: Don’t be alarmed. This task may sound like it’s a professional’s job, but you can pretty much pull it off all by yourself. Overheating caused by inadequate air supply around the condenser usually leads to compressor failure. All you need to do to take care of this is unplug the appliance, access the condenser coils (this bit depends on the fridge’s build), put the airflow of your vacuum cleaner on ‘blow’ and clean the coils (you can also use a brush for this).

Don’t open the door too frequently: Opening the door at short intervals and for longer durations will make your fridge work that much harder to maintain the temperature on the inside. This results in heavy electricity consumption and may also damage the fridge in the long run.

Don’t keep it too cold: If you think that keeping the temperature lower would keep your food fresh for longer durations, you might want to reconsider. Anything below the FDA recommendations (40°F / 4°C for the fridge and 0°F / -17°C for the freezer) can harm the compressor and lead to exorbitant electricity bills. Ouch!

Lose the moisture: While keeping food in the fridge, make sure that you put it in closed containers. This will prevent the extra moisture from putting any strain on the fridge to keep things dry and will also help reduce the electricity intake to some extent.

Keep the fridge full: This may sound like a dreamy thing to say, but you don’t necessarily have to buy stuff that you’re not otherwise planning on consuming; jugs filled with water can also serve the purpose just fine. When there are enough contents in your fridge, there is very little room for the hot and cold air to be exchanged when you open and close the door.

Following these tips will certainly add more life to your fridge, but there’s no telling when the keeper of your food might give up on you. It is always better to get it covered under OneAssist’s protection plan along with some of your other important home appliances for that absolute peace of mind.

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