Big No-Nos While Carrying A Smartphone!

Finding a damaged phone after an accidental fall can turn you from Heisenberg into Walter White in no time. Because, well, staying involuntarily away from social media, communication, games and entertainment of any sort can make Jack a dull boy. Knowing some of the most common places or instances associated with such an unforeseen event can save you a lot of unwarranted trouble.

  • Selfie Escapades

Clicking a selfie is not an activity anymore; it’s a reflex. Whenever a demanding situation presents itself, out comes the phone for a Friday snap or a group selfie. However, using faulty selfie sticks and holding the phone at uncomfortable angles while clicking selfies are among the major causes of phone damage.

  • The Classic Drop

Dropping the phone straight out of one’s hand is among the most common causes for phone breakage. Sweaty palms and slippery phone surfaces usually lead to this.

  • Living On The Edge

A smartphone has become too important to be out of your sight. And so it gets to accompany you everywhere – dinner, coffee, drinks. One always manages to find some tiny little space to keep your phone right in front of your eyes – edge of a table, on your lap, in your hand with multiple other things, a chair, your back pocket. Dangerous lifestyle for a phone!

  • It was an Accident!

Phones nowadays are remarkably compact, which makes them prone to any and all sorts of damage. A pet running around the house might decide to make your phone its plaything or an oblivious child might take the responsibility in his own hands. With pets and children around, it’s difficult to realize when and how your smartphone developed the smartness to just disappear.

  • Thirst Quencher

Small phones would find their ways quite easily into a mug full of warm coffee when one is not paying attention. A phone dropping into a sink or into a toilet is not unheard of. Spilling coffee or drinks could be an unconscious hobby for some, nothing to worry if the liquid spilled on your skin or dress as they can be easily washed. If the spill is on a phone, it becomes a different story completely.

  • Killer Fashion

While on the move, pockets are the default placeholders for mobile phones. Though you might be most fashionably dressed in your tight skinny jeans, their pockets are not designed to keep mobile phones safe. Reportedly, they have the power to bend your phones causing permanent damage.

Being careful while handling your phone is the most reliable way of ensuring its safety. Getting a OneAssist Mobile Protection Plan is a smart idea too, however make a mental note that negligence will never be covered.

Live Assisted. #StayProtected

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