5 Must Haves for a New-Age Home Office

Working from home, with proper planning and an adequate setup, can be a really productive way of getting things done. You are in your comfort zone and bereft of any fatigue caused by travelling; why wouldn’t you want to do it? Many professionals prefer working from home since it gives them a better control over their daily schedules. However, a poorly equipped home office can lead to unnecessary complications. Here’s a list of must haves for such modern day home offices.


This is a ‘thank you, Captain Obvious’ moment. Of course everyone will make sure to get a laptop for WFH, but making sure nothing goes wrong with it matters the most if you work in a deadline-driven environment.

All-in-one printer

Be it readying your documents in a hard copy format, or sharing some content with your co-workers, an all-in-one printer will take care of it all! Since they also come with scanners, you don’t have to worry about sharing crucial documents on a real-time basis: a huge plus when working remotely.

Perfect lighting

There’s more to a home office than just gadgets and appliances; sufficient lighting also plays its part. In order to be able to focus, stay productive and reduce eye strain, you should make sure that the lighting is as per your comfort.

Spin Bike

Because who wants to just ‘work’ from home, right? There are times when you are completely out of juice and feeling low. Well, guess what? Spending some time on a spin bike can work wonders and get you back in that productive zone.

Desk cum bookshelf

A well-organized desk can work wonders and help you stay productive for long durations, as opposed to a cluttered environment. And if the desk also has a bookshelf, nothing like it! Reading can really help with creativity and stress busting.

You can do just fine without most of the things, but a functioning laptop comes above them all! Get your breadwinner covered with OneAssist’s protection plan for laptops.

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