#TellMeWhy: On What Grounds Can my OneAssist Claim be Rejected?

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Every group has that one person who is known for their whoopsie daisy moments…one whose pinky toe perpetually keeps banging against furniture corners…ouch! They drop chocolate syrup from a hot waffle on the front of their shirt…frequently break things due to clumsiness…you get the gist! If any one thing has to bear the brunt of it all, it has to be their phone! Coffee spills, toilet drops, cracking the phone screen because it was in the pocket when they fell down, are some situations they can relate with well.

If you are this kind of person, OneAssist’s Phone Protection Plan is probably the best gift you can get for your phone. If your phone could talk, it would definitely thank you. A protection plan secures the phone against accidental damages due to unfortunate events like damaging the phone when you slip and fall or a push by a passerby on the road or mishandling by a child etc. It also comes to the rescue when your phone gets damaged due to rains or accidentally falls in your cereal bowl during breakfast etc. But here’s a heads up on some scenarios when the phone protection plan might not be applicable.


Toilet drops are a big no-no! They are funny, but not claim-worthy. Fitness freaks might also want to keep their phones safe in the gym locker or at home. Damages caused to the phones during workout sessions are not covered. Butter-fingered moments alert!

Any cosmetic damages to the phone due to wear and tear, like minor dents, scratches, paint peeling off, which do not affect the regular functioning of your phone are also not covered.

Playing the tech-geek

While the DIY craze has got to the most of us, when it comes to phone repairs, it is best left to the experts. Phone circuits are complex and an experiment to repair it on your own may damage the phone further. Such phones don’t qualify for warranty claims. So don’t let your curiosity get the better of you, avoid those urges to watch a DIY video for fixing the phone screen.

Software issues

Warranties protect phones only against physical damage or loss. Software issues due to bugs or virus attacks won’t fetch you a claim.

Hardware issues

Phones with manufacturing defects may have inherent electrical or mechanical breakdowns. If you come across such as your phone losing its signal in the middle of a call or a meltdown of a component due to excessive heating of the battery, it is probably a manufacturing defect and needs to be reported to the makers of the device.

Every smartphone is precious and deserves to be protected. OneAssist Protection Plan secures your phone against risks and helps you stay stress-free wherever you go.

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