If smartphones had appraisals how would Nokia 8 and Mi Mix 2 do?

It’s a battle of the flagships this week with both Nokia 8 and the much awaited Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 launching a day apart from each other. It may be too early to gauge which side the consumers are more likely to lean. However, we did an early bird exercise to see how well the new entrants can be presented. Since, it’s the end of the financial and its appraisal time, we’ve rated these phone as if they were members of a team which we are responsible for managing.

Hypothetical scale for rating:

  1. Exceptional performance – Performance far beyond the responsibilities assigned. Willingness to take on risk, innovate and lead by example.
  2. Exceed expectations – On multiple parameters, product is significantly better than what is expected.
  3. Meet all expectations – Performance meets all expectations in terms of build quality and specs.
  4. Meet some expectations – Product meets some expectations and has potential for future improvements.
  5. Need corrective action – Product performance is consistently below expectations. Needs to be remodelled for meeting the market demands.

So how it works is on the basis of predetermined product performance parameters, we will rate each of the smartphones one of the above five things and explain why. The parameters and respective ratings are as follows:

  • Looks and Specs: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 boasts of a bezel-less design and ceramic body with a metal frame. This totally exceeds expectations by adding an edge to the overall look and feel of the phone. Whereas, the Nokia 8 is just like a regular android phone with a metal body that only meets some expectations on looks and flaunt value.
  • Multimedia: Mi Mix 2 offers a slightly richer experience with a larger screen size when compared to the 5.3 inches screen of the Nokia 8 that makes it a compact smartphone. However, the multimedia engagement experience on both phones is similar therefore, both the phones just about meet all expectations on this parameter.
  • Display: On this front, Nokia 8 exceeds expectations as it offers a superior experience with the Quad HD display as against full HD display offered by Mi Mix 2.
  • Build quality and performance: On build quality, the Nokia 8 is a clincher. It stands out because of the splash proof feature. As far as the performance is concerned, both phones are equally good and show no lags in routine activities. Therefore it’s a meets all expectations overall for both here.
  • Camera: This could be the decider for many. From a premium smartphone it’s natural to expect a top notch camera. When it comes to this, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 totally lets one down. It offers a 12 MP Single sensor which just about performs optimally in low light considerations. Whereas, the Nokia 8 has a superior 13 MP Carl Zeiss dual sensor rear camera. The performance is exceptional in low light conditions and features like monochrome shot and bouquet effect make is even more desirable. On this last and final parameter for the comparison, Nokia 8 exceeds expectations while the Mi Mix 2 needs corrective action.

The choice lies with you. If you wish to have a phone with a superior camera, then Nokia 8 is your go to smartphone in the 35K above category. And if looks are all that matter to you, the Mi Mix 2 is a no brainer. Do let us know which one you would choose if you were buying. Last but not the least, whichever you go for, remember that 35K is not a small investment. In order to get the best value out of it, protect your smartphone with the OneAssist Mobile protection plan.

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