Tech-gurus going gaga over Honor 9i phone justified?

Do you agree that anything which even remotely looks like the iPhone X will always get your attention? At least that’s what the makers of Honor 9i must believe in to drop a fatter lookalike of an iPhone in the market! Nevertheless, coming from the Huawei family this one is worth exploring once at the least. If for nothing, then to find out whether all the gaga over it is brand generated buzz or a genuine fan cry.

FOUR CAMERAS. Like FOUR CAMERAS . Though the shutter speed and depth are better, when you compare the picture quality with another phone in this price range, you will get the real picture indeed. So nothing worth all the buzzing about. Of course there are a few improvements. The aspect ratio is optimized, thus making it less heavy which has been a let-down for Honor phones in the past. The size is perfect and fits right into your palms, the concerns of ease-of-usage have been taken care of here. However, do these additions make this phone superior in any way? Not really! These are the basics that almost all brands in the market are providing.

Pre-applied screen guard, metal body, hybrid sim-tray and 64 GB internal storage etc. are overused in the category and doesn’t impress an end user anymore. But there is the secondary noise cancellation microphone which is a useful feature and should be talked about more by the brand advocates/influencers.

Last but not the least, buying a new phone is nothing short of a gamble. It may truly impress you and your friends or it may totally turn out to be a damp squib. But what will never let you down is a protection plan that covers the device from damage and theft. Take a look at the Mobile protection plan from OneAssist and thank us later.

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