5 Ways to keep your Wallet Protected

We don’t realise it till the time an untoward incident takes place. Only in hindsight do we think that it could have all been avoided if we just had a few things in place. So here are five things you must never do with your wallet to keep it safe.

  • Don’t overload – That laundry ka bill, ladki ka phone number and kaam ka paper can all find room elsewhere. Always remember overloaded means you are drawing a lot of unnecessary attention right there and not always from the right kind of people 😉
  • Avoid flaunting – Okay so it was your birthday… the swanky branded wallet is a gift from the girl friend…understood. Why boast about it in a public place where so many unknown people can hear you? You don’t want to send out a message to pick pockets and help them prioritize their day! Just saying…
  • Keep important documents away – We are dealing with multiple identity documents and most of them find place in our wallet. May be that’s not the right strategy. Even if you don’t lose cash in an untoward event, losing an important document can be stressful.
  • Reduce dependency on the back pocket – The back pocket of your jeans is probably the worst place to keep your wallet. So, each time you board a public transport, put your hand in and shift the wallet to the front pocket. You can thank us later.
  • Don’t leave it unprotected – Just as the saying goes, you can never be too careful. Therefore, always get an extra layer of protection added through the OneAssist for wallets plan. It instantly secures your bank cards and ids against loss and frauds.

The safety of your wallet is in your hands. Make a smart move by getting a protection plan.

Live Assisted. #StayProtected
OneAssist for Wallets

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