Buying a new laptop? Here’s how you can keep it protected!

Buying a new laptop is not a reflex decision. It’s a whole new journey, a journey that comes with a lot of hassles. Enormous number of monstrous words like RAM, processor, Gigabyte, optical drive will be thrown at you and comprehending them while figuring out the best out of it won’t be a child’s play. Once you get through it, Congratulations! You have finished half the marathon but there’s another half still left to be run. Now that you have bought a new laptop, its time you should consider protecting it. Why? Well, here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a protection plan for your laptop

  • Warranty only means wear and tear – Don’t be misled by the manufacturer claim. It comes with terms and conditions. Warranty essentially covers for hardware malfunction which may be due to the manufacturer. Things like accidental or liquid damage are not covered.
  • Repair costs can burn a hole in your pocket– If unfortunately, your laptop drops off your hands and the screen is damaged, minimum cost of repair is Rs. 15000. For high end models the cost is higher. Your manufacturer warranty won’t cover this, but if you are smart and have a protection plan, then all is well.
  • Accidents may happen to anyone – As much as you try, we all sometimes have a bad day when our mind is so preoccupied that we forget the laptop bag behind in the auto rickshaw. Yes, good Samaritans exist but the odds are that you will not be dropped home by one. A protection plan will cover your loss on days like these.
  • Let’s face it, you don’t have the time to run around finding repair shops – A protection plan comes handy here if your service provider offers a pick-up and drop of the laptop from home location.
  • Just like accidents, thefts of expensive laptops are equally common – It’s sad, but true that often during travel in public transport such as train, bus, metro etc. such things happen. A protection plan secures your laptop even from thefts!

We don’t realise how dependent we are on the laptop; till the time something goes wrong with it! That’s the thing about devices, unpredictability. Our professional/personal/social life comes to a standstill. A major source of entertainment goes missing and life comes to a screeching halt. At times like these, if you have an extra layer of protection provided by OneAssist, the wait for things to come back to normal is, shorter. Check out the plan right away here
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