Quick guide to choose the best chimney for your kitchen

If Sherlock Holmes enters an Indian Kitchen to find out what was cooked, he would be utterly confused and fail. An Indian kitchen is a place of unusual concoction of spices that leads to the invention of some magical recipes. As delectable as the food is when served, the process of cooking is cumbersome. How? For starters all the smoke from frying, the aroma of burning masala, the spluttering tadka, and the grilling leaves a mess! The kitchen walls are yellow and muddy with oil collecting over them, the hob is full of stains and cleaning is nothing short of a battle. But the show must go on. Therefore, the role of a kitchen chimney or cooking hood is very critical. But just like every other appliance, even the installation of chimney should be well thought of. Here are a few things to consider when buying a kitchen chimney:

  • Size does matter here: Measure the size of your hob and then opt for a chimney which has a coverage area larger than the hob. A smaller chimney will lead to low suction causing much of the smoke to remain within the cooking area.
  • High suction: The bigger the kitchen the more suction power you need. Typically, for an Indian kitchen anything above 1000M3/H is good enough. The other factors that affect suction are, ducting size, length and diameter and the number of bends in ducting. It’s important that the installation is done correctly to get the best output.
  • Low noise: Kitchen anyway is a noise intensive zone. The noise created by chimney can sometimes be loud enough to disturb the entire house. Do not buy without a proper demo.
  • Ease of use: The chimney will clean the dirt from the kitchen but the chimney needs cleaning too. Don’t forget to check for ways in which the filters can be removed and cleaned. Ask the process for weekly cleaning. Also, once you install the chimney the area above the hob gets dark. If the chimney comes with light, then nothing like it.
  • Service quality and plan: This one can be tricky. Even though you can do minor cleaning, your chimney requires a proper servicing every three months. Check what the manufacturer offers as maintenance options. Also check for the warranty coverage. Also be extra cautious when doing the cleaning. If something goes wrong the manufacturer warranty may not cover it.

There can be times when nothing might seem to help and for such times we have plans like the HomeServ protection from One Assist that covers your chimney from damages and faults. It can be beneficial to go for one at the time of buying it so you can rest assured with all the installation and cleaning going on. You can make use of it by purchasing online from – https://oneassist.in

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