Vacuum Cleaner or Magic Broom? Here are a few amazing things it can do for you.

A typical weekend ritual in Indian households is…not family bonding over brunch…but family coming together to clean the house. At least that’s what the premise is. Like it or not but there’s no better feeling than living in a house that’s thoroughly clean and rodent/pest/dust free. But ask the person with the broom/mop in their hands, they would be cursing their fate. Well then for these people, vacuum cleaner is an awesome invention. Not only can it make cleaning sexy, it also works as a deodorizer! Want to know what unexpected things a vacuum cleaner can do? Follow the list below:

  • Make your home smell amazing: Dip a couple of cotton balls in your favourite essential oil or perfume and drop them in the vacuum cleaner bag. The scent will gently release as you vacuum and fill the home with freshness.
  • Drive away allergens: Summers are when windows stay open for most of the day, allowing dust and pollens to collect over windowsills and screen doors. Use the brush tool to clear the sill and the door track. The same tool when used in back and forth motion can clean the screen doors. It’s quicker than wiping with a wet cloth and the results are far better.
  • Make carpet dents disappear: So you’ve rearranged the furniture to set-up for a house party and in the process some of the carpet dents are now exposed. Don’t worry, with a few ice cubes and the vacuum cleaner in your hands, you can do magic. Place ice cubes on the pesky dents and leave them for a while. The water will force the fibres to return in their place. Then vacuum over it and all the fabric will stand upright just like new.
  • Clear your washing machine: If members of your family take turns to clean the filter and often try to dodge when it is their turn, this can stop right away. Filter cleaning is a cakewalk using the brush attachment to suck out all the dust from the lint screen and it takes only a few seconds.
  • Refrigerator’s open backs: Cleaning the built-up dust collected over the hideous back side coils of the condenser with hands is nothing short of a nightmare. But with a vacuum cleaner, its cake walk!

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