Why Your Phone Needs Protection While Watching a Match in The Stadium?

The IPL 2018 season is in full swing and the best way to capture every moment is with your phone. In fact, it’s your smartphone that gives you the latest scores, captures the best photos or selfies.

But – have you ever done this in a stadium filled with thousands of fans going crazy over the next wicket? – Have you lost or dropped your phone and what happens next? Has this ever happened to you? Were you prepared for the worst? We’ve listed a few of common mishaps that can take place when you try using your phone at a live IPL match.

Spilling soda drinks or water on your phone:

This one happens all too often. So you are carrying a drink back to your seat and suddenly the stadium erupts with cheer. You begin cheering too, slip or fall and end up spilling most of your drink on your phone and yourself! In a few days you realize the phone is still functioning but not at the same efficiency as it did earlier. Like the speaker works and yet the maximum volume is only half of what it could produce earlier. There are problems with camera, sound and other apps but you cannot identify them. The worst part is when you try capturing Kohli’s winning moves to share on Twitter, camera shuts down.

Dropping your phone when taking a selfie:

It’s the most magical part of any IPL match – taking a selfie to prove you were part of the action. This can be quite a task when you’re surrounded by other fans trying to take selfies too! Overly enthusiastic fans can knock the phone out of your hands while you’re trying to get that perfect snapshot of you and the excited fans in the background. There’s not much you can do after that – you’re left with a broken display and will have to wait to get it fixed. It could be worse – you can’t use Facebook, WhatsApp and can’t call friends either – Ouch!

Phones are stolen right from your pocket:

If you’re lucky enough to not have gone through the two situations above – then picture this. You are watching the end of an exciting match that will decide if your favourite team goes into the finals or not.  It’s the last shot, your team seems to be winning and you want to capture it on your phone. You reach inside your pocket, only to find it empty! Yes! That’s right, someone from the teeming crowd of fans has stolen your phone! It might have fallen out, so you begin looking for it but can’t find it anywhere. What makes this nightmare worse? All of your contacts, credit card information and emails are on that phone!


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