Catching A Match In The Stadium – Risks Involved For Your Wallet

Watching a cricket match in the stadium is a great way to spend time with friends and family. But cricket stadium can also be a place where you could easily lose your wallet or handbag, if you’re not careful. Even if you do, is there a way for you to instantly secure your cards and IDs? Here are the most common scenarios in which one could lose the wallet in a stadium:

You’ve been robbed … or did you drop your wallet somewhere?

You reach into your back pocket but suddenly notice something horribly wrong. The pocket is empty and you don’t remember where you left your wallet.

Stadium security measures – ‘Wallet check please!’

T20 is the biggest annual cricket event and the top players are here to entertain you. It also means that there’s a lot of security. Not only is it annoying to wait in a very long line, you need to turn in all belongings for inspection. Thousands of wallets have to be scanned and this is where they are most likely to be misplaced or stolen – including yours!

Rain, rain go away!

Nothing’s worse than thunderstorms and heavy showers during a match. There’s a sudden thunderstorm and while searching for your umbrella in your bag, you drop your wallet. Sometimes, you won’t even notice that it’s gone till it’s too late.

Picture perfect selfies:

You need to get those selfies of you occupying the VIP box seats – you want to remember it or share it as often as possible. So you take out your phone from your pocket and drop your wallet in the process. It falls behind some seats but when you go to pick it up, you notice that it’s not there.

Cafeterias or canteens:

Place yourself in this situation where you leave your seat and head over to the stadium cafeteria. It’s hot and you’re thirsty so you decide to get yourself a drink, some chips and popcorn for the kids. You are in a hurry to get back because you don’t want to miss the next catch and you end up leaving your wallet at the counter.

The solution is in your hands

So what can you do? Without your credit card numbers and photo IDs, you don’t have all the information to give your bank or have a lot of options. But if you plan in advance, luck will be on your side! You can protect your wallet with #OneAssist. All you’ll have to do is then call their number, they will help getting your cards blocked and IDs replaced. So, you can Live Assisted. #StayProtected

OneAssist for Wallets

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