Unusual Ways People Have Been Caught Watching T20 Cricket

For a nation that eats, sleeps and breathes cricket, watching their favourite game is of paramount importance. Due to extended working hours or tight delivery deadlines, not everyone has the luxury to enjoy their favourite sport from the comfort of their homes. So what do they do? Here are a few weird ways in which people manage to feed their interest without getting caught. Almost!

  1. So what if the overcrowded bus hardly has any place to stand? When you have to watch, you have to watch! Often you’ll find someone hanging from the bus ceiling and holding on to his smartphone watching the face-off between Dhoni and Karthik! Just pray the driver doesn’t hit the brakes too hard and fellow passengers have mercy.
  2. And why do all the meetings have to happen on important match days? The manager is talking about next month’s sales target while a girl in his team is watching Gayle hitting boundaries in the last 2 overs! The tension is high as he needs just 20 more runs to win and there’s not a single moment to even bat an eyelash from her smartphone that the enthusiast is sneakily holding under the table. She is praying hard for Gayle as well as for herself!
  3. The ardent Kohli fan has failed to get the tickets. Will it stop him from watching the match live and soak in the stadium buzz? No! He climbs up his terrace with binoculars to watch his favourite player bat his team to victory through the window of his neighbour. Wish Kohli could witness the resourcefulness of his fan to watch him bat!

It’s amazing what some die-hard fans will do in order to watch a match live, get the latest scores or catch their favourite player do a celebration dance! And not surprisingly, a smartphone is the device that enables fans to not miss any of these precious moments or live action. Get your smartphone covered with OneAssist Protection Plan for Mobile and let your cricket craze continue uninterrupted.

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