5 Things to do if you lose your phone while travelling

We are living in a time when our phones know more about us than our parents! This only means we have to be extra careful about it falling in the wrong hands. Especially, when we are travelling. It’s summers and most people plan their vacation around this time. Trains and buses are over booked and it’s the crowd that makes for the perfect opportunity for pickpockets to have a field day. In all probability you are going to take care of your phone, yet if you were to lose it while travelling, here’s what you do next.

  • Reach the nearest local police/railway police and file a complaint. Give them a proper description of your phone, what it consists and where you think you lost it. Do not forget to take a copy of the complaint as you will need it to reissue your sim card.
  • Use the phone available at the police station to make a call to your service provider asking to block your number immediately. In times when our phones are connected with bank accounts and credit cards, it’s important to ensure no instances of fake transactions take place using the phone.
  • Also get to the closest internet café and change all your passwords. On smartphone we usually have our social media accounts logged-in and a crook may just use it to invade your privacy.
  • If you had your ATM pins etc. stored in the phone, change them by visiting the kiosks. Do not take a chance even if you think they can’t do anything without your card.
  • Last but not the least, if you have activated ‘Find my phone’ services on yours, do try to track it. If you have any luck, please inform the cops and give them the details. Do not go hunting down the criminal alone like they show in the movies.

Despite being extra cautious, often people lose their phone while travelling. Therefore, the good old saying ‘better safe than sorry’ is the mantra. If you are a frequent traveller then you just can’t do without the OneAssist protection plan for your phone. It covers your smartphone from damages and theft and also provides emergency assistance. To find out more, visit – https://www.oneassist.in/category/mobile-tablet-insurance-damage-protection/. Live Assisted.#StayProtected

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