Tips and tricks to make your World Cup house party the best one yet!

The Football Fever is in full swing and hosting a really awesome, unforgettable co viewing party is on the top of your list. You already know who you want to invite but how will you keep them entertained? Juggling food, drinks, setting up the TV and soaring temperatures, – are you up to the challenge? Of course you are! With these tips, we know that your world cup house party will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

  • Make your party the coolest one yet! Set the AC temperature, preferably to a comfortable 26°, before everyone arrives. Neither too hot nor too cold, it’s just right for the perfect evening house party. Also, ensure that all party essentials are inside the rooms, so people don’t have to open the door and go out frequently. This ensures the AC doesn’t have to work extra hard.
  • Chilled beers to beat the heat! Stock-up your fridge with loads of food, beverages and plenty of ice cubes. Don’t forget that chilled water is also necessary. If you put everything in the fridge the evening before the party, then you are all set. At the time of the match just pull them out and keep in the room. Allowing friends to open and close the refrigerator door innumerable times during the evening could lead to compressor damage in the appliance.
  • Prepared to Entertain! Test the TV in advance and test it again before the match. Once you’re sure you’ve got the right volume, brightness, and sound – you are ready to entertain. If you notice something wrong, call the technician right away. Keep the TV recorder ready too, so you can capture and replay some of the best moments of the match.
  • Do you want to recreate a stadium like sound effect? Connect surround sound speakers for that special effect!! Interesting idea! But check these things first. After connecting the surround sound speakers, ensure that the volumes are set right so no one needs the remote repeatedly. Also if you used extra wiring then conceal it so no one trips and falls. More than the damage to the sound system, it’s embarrassing if your guests trip and injure themselves.
  • Power outages and blackouts spoiling the fun? Get a backup. Check for the correct inverter load settings and an intact fuse. Just in case the power was to trip, then your appliances should not get affected. It’s a common thing for all appliances to conk off together during such times.

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