Bizarre Superstitions Observed by Football Fans

Dedicated football fans have their rituals that they need to do before the match starts. It’s a strange world filled with superstitions, abandoning all logic that seems to be the norm. Dare we say that it’s just a game OR is there something more to it?

The dedicated lucky seat:

Some people pick seats around the TV for best views of the match. And then there are some who pick seats based on who’s playing and who they support. There’s this colleague that moves to the ‘lucky seat’, if he sees that his team is nowhere near the winning goal. Why does he do this?? It’s simple, he wants a goal and claims that sticking to this ritual religiously has coincided with higher scores for his team!

Using the purana dabba TV:

I remember this college friend who catches all football seasons on the same TV he bought 10 years ago! He still does this and will be watching the current season this way also, even though he has the best LCD TV. This special TV is stored safely in a box and is ceremoniously installed only for the football season.

The lucky T-shirt:

Football fans love wearing their favourite team’s/player’s jersey to show support. But die-hard fans are a step ahead. They remember the jersey they wore to support their team 16 years ago and their team won – all because of that jersey! And so that particular jersey will never go out of fashion, it carries the luck with it. So hygienic or not, this ‘Shirt’ is said to work like a charm and will be worn!

TV feng shui for positive energy:

Believe it or not, there is feng shui to send positive energy and vibes to your favourite team. By just figuring out the right corner and position of your TV, you can ensure higher chances for your favourite team to score goals!

Follow your rituals for they may be helping your team or your favourite player out on the field. And one ritual that can help you experience and enjoy all those heart-thumping football moments uninterrupted is – by getting your TV and other appliances covered by HomeServ, a protection plan from OneAssist for all your home appliances.

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