OnePlus 6 Review

Eight Phones and Four years down the line, the OnePlus story has been a distinguished one. OnePlus has gone from releasing smartphones that were barely recognized by anyone to having a high profile launch party in the Olympic Stadium in London. The journey has been an interesting one, as interesting as the latest smartphone that they are offering.

The OnePlus 6 is the brand’s latest flagship killer and the flagships that it’s trying to kill are Galaxy s9, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2. Without wasting any time, let’s get down to the details – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


The Good

Much of what makes OnePlus 6 feel outstanding is the new design, build and the display made completely of glass, providing an amazing feeling when held in hand. The display and the colours are vibrant – its accuracy and sharpness are on point.

The thing that stands out is the speed. OnePlus is known to use top-notch specs and that does not change with this latest edition. The phone works so fast that it becomes quite unimaginable for the user to think of it ever lagging or taking time to process a function. If you are a heavy user who likes working on multiple apps at once, then this phone is for you.

The camera is pretty good, with the software that’s become much more intuitive and easier to use. Not as good as that of S9 or Pixel 2, but it is pretty close.

The 3,300 battery is just about right, giving you 12-16 hours of battery life (and maybe more) after charging overnight. Just as advertised, the dash charger that comes with the phone is exceedingly fast. Within 30 mins, you can charge over 60% of the battery. That is power play, and if you are one of those who never finds time to charge, this is nothing less than a miracle.

The Bad

The notch – which is already getting negative attention won’t be liked by many. OnePlus could have avoided this and gone for a more minimal bezel on top and bottom just like Samsung.

There’s also no wireless charging, the inclusion of which would have really made the device stand out.

The Ugly

Despite its many claims, OnePlus 6 is in fact NOT shatterproof or waterproof. It has no IP 67 or 68 rating and has failed drop tests, shatter tests, and water tests conducted by YouTubers. It’s not bad, it will survive a minor fall or few splashes but any major accident will completely destroy and you will be left with a broken glass or dead phone. The cost of replacing the components is quite high. Replacing the front camera will cost you around, ₹1,150. If the screen breaks you will have to shell out ₹ 7,680 to replace it. And as with most devices, the most important part is the main board. If the main board gets damaged, you will have to pay around ₹16,553-₹23,581 to have it replaced. It’s best to stay protected and opt for OneAssist Mobile Protection Plan that covers any accidental or liquid damage that might occur. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Live Assisted.#StayProtected

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