3 ways to monsoon-proof your smartphone

Your smartphone is in your pocket or handbag every time. During monsoon, it’s a bit tough to use your phone when you find yourself stranded in a downpour. What is the best way to ensure your phone stays protected from water damage?

Using airtight packets:

Do you rely on cab booking apps to get to office or college? This becomes a bit difficult task whenever it rains! The ziplock pouches or bags are a great way to ensure your phone stays in a water-proof bag and if the pouch is transparent, you could use the phone to make calls, book cabs, play games and check your friends’ social updates too!

Switching off the phone:

Switch it off and put it away in your bag. This works great if you won’t be using the phone till you reach your destination. Phones that are on when rain splashes on them are more likely to get damaged permanently. With the phone off, there is still a chance of saving the phone.

Bluetooth and wireless devices:

Juggling between heavy rains, paying the bus conductor, an umbrella and a call? Use a hands-free set. These accessories are a life saver during the monsoon, and connect you to your phone wirelessly. This way you won’t have to take your phone out of your bag and risk getting water on it.

The rainy season may be refreshing after a scorching summer, but your phone doesn’t feel the same way! As an extra precaution, get the OneAssist Mobile Protection Plan for your phone.

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