Home appliances that can help you survive the World Cup fever

It’s the football season! With almost 96 hours of swashbuckling world cup action, you sure want to get the best experience of this extravaganza, and here are some home appliances that will serve your purpose –

Is your television world cup ready?

Unless you’re visiting Russia where the World Cup is taking place, the next best option is to watch the matches live on your television. Get an HD television with DTH satellite connection to enhance your World Cup experience! And to get that stadium-like atmosphere at home, a home theatre delivering surround sound output is a good choice. No more pumping up the volume through your remote when you have surround sound!

Regulate your AC to control the heat and excitement

Temperatures will definitely soar once the World Cup starts. Not only because of the excitement but also due to the fact that the matches are spread across the sultry months of June and July. It’s a no-brainer that you will switch on the AC but don’t forget to regulate the temperature to ensure the compressor is not overworked. Plus, you don’t want to catch a cold watching Brazil and Argentina sweat it out on the field.

Refrigerator is your best friend when hunger strikes at midnight

Staying up late into the night to watch the matches can lead to hunger pangs and late night cravings. Food delivery apps are handy but why look further when you have a 250-litre refrigerator at your service? Stack it up with all your favourite lip-smacking snacks to satiate your cravings while cheering for your favourite team.

Your home appliances will be constantly supporting you while you cheer for your favourite teams during the World Cup. With HomeServ, just one protection plan for all your appliances, you can ensure your appliances continue to support you and your football passion long after the season is over.

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