Three ways you can make monsoons easy to deal with for your pets

The onset of monsoon means showers, cool breezes and playing out in the rain. But changes in seasons also means changes in your pet’s health concerns! It’s easy for Rambo, Chintu, or Bullet to pick up allergies, colds and severe illnesses in the messy weather. Keeping them safe while letting them enjoy the rainy season is simple if you know how.

Air conditioning:

Monsoons usually mean unbearable heat and humidity. Keep your pet cat or dog cool by running the air conditioner regulating temperature, so they are comfortable.

Store ice cubes and cold water in refrigerators:

Fluffy would love to chill out with you too! Store ice cubes and cold water in the refrigerator – give this to your dog when you see him struggling with soaring temperatures. It’s entertaining for them and keeps them cool. You can even give them an enjoyable spa experience by filling a tub with cool water and letting them soak in it!

Cleanliness is a must:

Monsoon and muddiness are synonymous and your pet loves this! The only problem is when you see muddy paw prints all over the floor. Use the vacuum cleaner to scoop this up. This prevents them from picking up allergies. Hot water and shampoo is all you need for their cleanliness, sanitation and their comfort. The water heater is the easiest way to give them a warm bath.

Pet parents can do these things at home to keep their pets comfortable and healthy. Get your home appliances protected by OneAssist HomeServ plan to make monsoon with your pet family an unforgettable experience.

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