So you think you don’t need AC? Think again

Monsoon – it’s both wonderful and weird. Cool breezy days are often coupled with unbearable humidity. Since there’s no way to avoid it, we resort to running the AC. It’s usually something we do a lot in summer, switch it on to the lowest temperature and make the room colder than the freezer.

After the rainstorms:

Messy and magical, rain provides that much-needed comfort on a humid day. Plus the rooms are cooler after intense rains. To make the most of this cooler air, I run the AC on the fan mode. With the compressor off.

Dealing with the extra humidity:

Of course, with loads of rain comes loads of humidity AND sweating. Yet no matter how bad things get, running the AC is never the solution. That’s because you add more humidity in the air that way. To get some relief, I run the Dry Mode. So what happens is that the fan moves at slower speeds and the compressor runs on high, but for a shorter time.

The smell of damp walls:

The humidity even gets inside the walls, leaving behind this strange smell. Spraying a little bit of perfume on the filter and running the AC gets rid of this.

Do you also use your AC to survive the monsoon? Understanding how to use it the right way can make a rainy day more enjoyable. If you want to make sure that you still have the AC next year, try the One Assist HomeServ plans.   

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