Washing Machines and Monsoons

Washing clothes this time of year is the stuff of nightmares. They’re covered in mud, smell and the pile keeps on growing. What really gets that dirt out is using your washing machine the right way. We’ve got some interesting ideas on handling these common monsoon wash problems!

More rains, more mud stains:

That’s because the clothes have been soaked with rain, mud, slush – EW!! Muddy clothes keep piling up and washing those stains out isn’t easy – even if you use a premium detergent. The secret is to brush out the mud and then wash the clothes. For those really bad stains, you could use a stain remover.

Struggling to finish all washing in one go:

It might sound easy – throw everything in and then run the wash cycle. Making this mistake overloads the tub and you have one of the two situations playing out. The tub will either not spin at all and has to be emptied, or it could stop working entirely. Separating clothes in different lots means more washing, but your machine will live for another day.

Damp clothes that always smell:

Even the slightest bit of sunshine is followed by continuous, intense rains. So the air is extremely humid and there are too many power cuts. Clothes take forever to dry and smell bad when they do. Need a simple solution? Either use fabric conditioner in the rinse cycle OR add a cupful of a popular dark, fizzy drink with detergent.

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