Get your water purifier serviced

That relief from the scorching heat, sitting back with some chai and your favourite books – are things we love most about the monsoon. At the same time, the monsoons also mean the onset of harmful waterborne diseases. Keeping water purifiers serviced is one way to protect yourself and your family.

Avoiding sickness:

Because it’s easy to fall sick this monsoon – from colds, fever to jaundice. The simplest way to keep this in check is to eat healthy, fresh food and avoid unfiltered water from local food stalls. Steer clear of drinking water from taps, pack a bottle of pure water instead.

Water isn’t as pure as you think:

Ultimately, it’s the water purifier that can sterilise water, so that it’s fit for drinking. Your main water supply only looks clean, but it contains large amounts of rainwater, dissolved solvents and loads of germs.

It’s much faster, convenient than boiling:

Boiling water is no longer a practical solution – and is time-consuming. Boiled water can get re-contaminated too. The purifier requires no time at all and is a safer solution as water is processed through UV or reverse osmosis.

You won’t have to buy bottled water:

Servicing the water purifying device means that you have easy access to drinking water when required. There’s no need to invest the time or cash buying bottled water, when you’ve got your own supply at home.

It’s amazing how one appliance can make such a difference in keeping you safe. With the One Assist for Home plan, you can maintain the water purifier and in turn, the health of your family.

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