Smartphones & college freshers – Hacks for surviving college

Can a smartphone really help you out in college? Back in the age of the dinosaurs, people used books and pencils to take notes. They had gigantic bags that housed these massive textbooks and tiffin boxes. But times have changed and all that today’s students really need is a smartphone.

How to keep yourself informed?

Navigating a world of notices:

Jot down those exam dates, notices pinned on the boards, report deadlines. It easy to lose bits of papers or forget which textbook it’s been noted down in. Calendar reminders work well too.

Snap it, so you don’t forget it:

Your phone has a camera. Use it. Take photos of the noticeboard, exam timetables and other reminders. It takes a fraction of a second and you won’t forget or lose anything this way.

How to deal with studying all the time?

Subjects that take forever to memorise:

You spend too much time on one chapter or subject just before the exams. Eventually you fall asleep and don’t have time for other chapters.

Try this for time efficiency:

Set the timers on your smartphone for each chapter. You’ll find that you can focus or concentrate easily. And cover more syllabus too.


Reduce the rigmarole 

Pack aloo parathas and mango pickle. Delicacies like aloo dum, jhol or pickle are main causes of a smelly backpack.

The smarter lunch:

Use that app for ordering lunch. Its quick, served hot and plenty for everyone (except you). You’ll even find special college lunch packs.

Skipping ahead to exams:

It’s easy to daydream:

Waiting in the metro or bus on a rainy day could make you late for that exam and classes.

Your very own chauffeur:

Hire a smart cab to will help you to avoid rains and the rush and will get you to the exam hall on time.

Has your smartphone saved you in college? Sharing, checking grades, making the most of college life is what your smartphone is for. And that why there’s the OneAssist Smartphone protection plan.

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