Behind every successful CEO there’s a smartphone

Do you ever wonder why some people are CEOs and others aren’t? What are the things that CEOs do differently? One thing we can assure you – CEOs make optimum use of the smart features available on their smartphones!

Video calling:

Video calling is easier with a smartphone – meet potential clients, new team members or suggest changes for presentations – no matter where you are. You don’t have to carry your laptop with you, reducing the load in your backpack. This turns the average salesperson into the world’s greatest multi-tasker – dealing with business proposal issues, handling executives, while making their way to the next meeting.

Task management:

Individuals running a freelancing business, working with clients or partners located elsewhere turn their device into a management tool. With the right apps, they can track the progress of projects or assess the activity logged in by employees.

Easy solutions for payments:

Some entrepreneurs manage all payments using their phones. Repaying loans, accepting project funds, and paying salaries can be done in a few swipes or taps. Freelancers find it easier to make electronic payments this way. Some apps enable them to generate payment requests or transaction.

Document the things you do:

The smartphone is used to document workflow processes, allotting tasks, reviewing work done or to create new processes altogether. This helps business owners to be more aware of pending activities, delivered reports, client’s contacts, and find ways to improve operations.

A marketing tool that’s in your control:

The smartphone is the perfect budget marketing resource. People who have smaller offices, start-ups or a new business venture, prefer this device for carrying out most of the marketing and promotional activities. They promote through social media channels, and have instant access to customer comments and new clients.

Designing activities made easier:

Artists can create, edit new characters, backgrounds and other elements for game designing purposes. It’s relatively easier on tablets but designers can still review designs, blueprint charts, and website design layouts on smartphones.

Setting goals and getting priorities straight is good for business, but if your smartphone does all the work, it’s time to think about securing it with OneAssist Protection Plan for Mobiles.

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