Engineering Explained

15th September is Engineers Day– those unusual beings who believe that problems are logical and always have one or a set of solutions. Unique minds that can find new approaches to address typical day to day problems.

  • It starts out with the simplest, critical question – what do I want to be? This type of problem requires the brains – of an engineer. To boldly think what no one has thought before.

Define the problem: Choosing the right career and the requirements for one.

Derive the solution: Ask papa for advice. After all, he was an engineer too.


  • Once in engineering college, they get to understand how to get practical solutions for every problem. Involving careful application of trusted theories to invent something new.

Define the problem: A severe cafeteria cash and pocket money allowance crisis.

Derive the solution: DIY food that’s big on nutrition and taste.


  • Lecturers demand their presence at all classes. It’s a place where infinite loops of opinions meet minuses and pluses. For most, this problem is unresolvable, but they require a solution anyway.

Define the problem: The early morning lecture that has to be attended no matter what.

Derive the solution: Find out who’s going and ask them to help you out with attendance.


  • This is the part that makes them question if they should persist with this career. Maths, physics, ATD, BTD – where to start. More importantly, how to end?

Define the problem: Preparing for the entrance exams to try to get a PASS on CGPA

Derive the solution: Careful planning of all syllabus so that everything is ready.


  • Once the studies and exams are over, it’s time for job applications. The first step may be tough but doesn’t prepare them for what’s next. Other times they don’t know where or how to begin.

Define the problem: Searching for jobs & openings remotely related to you.

Derive the solution: Search, click, apply, repeat.


#6. But then they get a response back and suddenly life is beautiful again. No need to prepare like crazy for it. They give the interview but never hear from them again.

Define the problem: Acing all of those interviews

Derive the solution: Apply solution for problem no. #5 here


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