Be wallet safe this Navratri

Navratri 2018 is already here, with many of us having begun with the preparations ahead of time. Outfits and dance routines aside, it’s important to be safe, especially with our valuables, such as the wallet.

Here’s how you can take the right steps to avoid wallet theft.

Safety first

The garba night is always a grand bash, even if you are with a group of friends, you still have to be careful.

It going to be crowded and everyone will be dancing to loud music – and so will you. Be aware of the bag, sling or purse you have. It is tough managing that beautiful traditional suit, dancing and your bag.

Keep a designated wallet keeper. Someone who watches all wallets while you dance. But be fair and take turns doing this, so everyone has fun.

Stay light by carrying a few essential items only and skip the PAN, Debit, Voter, Driver’s license. You’ll find it easier to dance with a lighter wallet!!! Try going cashless too – this way you only have to worry about your phone.

What to do after you lose your wallet?

But what happens if you check your bag or pockets and find nothing there? Don’t panic. There’s still a few things you can do after that.

Do you remember what you had in your wallet? No? Making a quick note of your license, ID numbers and bank contact details can help prevent this. Even better, take a snap of it on your phone.

Ask the organiser/ security present at the event if anyone had submitted a lost wallet. Someone may have found it and given it to them. Prove that it’s yours. Show them the phone with your IDs stored on it. Genius, right?

And if you’re not that lucky? Call, your bank and cancel your cards. Go online and report all lost IDs.


But thinking way ahead can help you avoid those last minute hassles. You can do that with OneAssist Wallet Protection Plans. One plan. Year round protection. Immediate assistance.

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