Technology Crunch: What’s new inside smartphones?

A few years ago, when you heard iPhone, you immediately thought of a really well designed, sleek device. Now, we’re seeing a lot of those innovative design features across several other brands as well. Here are a few of the best features that smartphones today have.

So what do smartphones in 2018 have to offer?

Infinity Display: This first started out on the Samsung S8 with its curved display. The Infinity display is a more advanced version. It’s where the screen is bigger because of rounded corners or edges – or has a bezel free frame.

The advantage of this is that you have a bigger screen, on a phone form that is smaller. For a true ‘full display experience, home and navigation buttons are replaced with pressure sensitive touch points. Now if only someone could invent an unbreakable, crack less, 100% scratch proof display!

Notches: You’re probably thinking – ‘if there’s an infinity display, where does the front camera go?’ Well, that’s what the notch is for. It’s a small part of the screen that’s been cut out, usually at the top, to give you a bezel less effect.

It retains display space on either side where you see the notifications, battery, date etc. Devices like the One Plus 6, allow users to toggle this notch on an off as they wish, especially while editing files or sharing screens.

Camera Sliders: Some manufacturers have moved the cameras to a sliding panel. You can see this in the Oppo Find X that comes with a motorised panel. Simply tap the camera icon to raise this panel automatically – cameras, flash and all. Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Mix 3 will have a manual slider.

Why are phone makers doing this? If you want the beauty and benefit of a big display, but don’t want to constantly deal with notch settings, then this device is for you.

Liquid Cooling: It’s the answer to a common issue – Overheating. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7, Pocophone F1 have heat a absorbent substance inside that moves the heat away from the processor.

If you love gaming, or spend a lot of time on your phone consider devices with this feature.

Virtual Reality: Smartphone manufacturers are able to provide a 360° immersive view. Starting with the HTC Vive, which required the Oculus Rift VR headset accessory.  A simpler version is augmented reality, you can see this in AR games like Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive and Google’s Tilt Brush VR/AR designing apps. Ideally suited for very serious gamers who enjoy AR games, or for graphical designers.

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