Your smartphone warranty doesn’t have this

Just got a new phone? What else do you think should go along with it – a nice case? That’s a good idea, you don’t want your shiny new gadget to get cracks or shatter.

So what happens when it does get damaged? Or worse, STOLEN!

How good is the warranty and why you could use protection plans?

First, you have something called a Manufacturer’s Warranty – smartphones are typically shipped out with a standard 1 year warranty offered by the maker of the handset. Once that expires, you are on your own. Of course, you could always upgrade to another phone, but that’s tedious and expensive.

So what options do you have when that warranty lapses? You can find extended warranty coverage for your device. This ensures the functional state and full repairs of the handset after the warranty is over.

Such after care packages are planned out against a certain amount of the actual cost of the smartphone. For example, if the device is worth 13,999/-, you have a nominal fee of Rs. 899/- per year for extended warranty plans. Sometimes this amount is split up into EMI of Rs.117/-.

If your phone is under warranty, you could still use that something extra:

A lot of phone manufacturers specify that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects or issues. They won’t cover things like theft, breaks and accidental damages, but a mobile protection plan can.

You may be thinking – ‘why should I pay extra after buying my smartphone?’

Good question. Other than what’s promised, you have other conveniences too. You can avail of cashless repairs when your device breaks or if water falls on it. Place a call and your damaged hand set is picked up and delivered to the nearest authorised centre. That’s much better than running around and spending money to get it fixed yourself. You’ll get a temporary handset to use and the repaired device is then delivered at your doorstep.

The real benefit is that you have to don’t have to deal with the hassles of getting the phone repaired on your own and even get your phone replaced in case of theft. If you feel that this is right for you, look no further than OneAssist Mobile Protection Plans.

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