Are you making full use of your E Wallet?

It’s great to have an e –wallet, it’s like a portable bank account and pays for anything – literally. That’s because you can store money on it and make payments digitally. I have the app on my phone and have found that it doesn’t take time – like searching for debit cards, entering back account info (or trying to remember it!!). Then, there are so many more things we can do with it.

Ecommerce: This works in 2 ways. First the e wallet app* has its own online store. This lets you shop for everything including vehicles, electronics, appliances, fashion, home care products and even those imported goods. The other way is to log onto your favourite online shop and pay for your purchases using the wallet:

  • Add items to you cart
  • Search for e wallet payment modes
  • Choose your brand of e wallet and make payments

Bills: Every type of bill possible and you can buy subscriptions too. For electricity, satellite or cable TV, phone connections or recharges and even education fees**.

  • Click on the utility bill / Recharge and go to fees
  • Choose phone connection type/ electricity board/ Institute/operator
  • Choose the state and then add in your customer ID/ registration number and make payments

Transport: You can either pay for or top up the passes for the bus, metro, cabs etc. There are limited options for certain states only. On the other hand, you have the option to book flight tickets, train or bus rides for outstation visits.

  • Click on travel modes and choose your travel choice (One way, round trip, PNR status for trains)
  • Add your place of visit, departure/ return dates and you’re given a list of available flights, buses
  • Choose the airlines, bus, train of your choice and make payments

Finances: Other than linking your bank account, debit card to the e wallet, you have other financial services too. Like buying insurance plans or paying premiums of an existing one, loan EMIs and credit card bills. Your e wallet covers foreign exchange and gold trading payments too.

  • Pick the Credit card bank/loan lender/insurer/insurance type
  • Enter in card/policy numbers, amount due, EMI and make payments
  • For foreign exchange, choose the amount and then add it to your card

Entertainment: Buy passes and tickets for movies, amusement parks, concerts, events, gift cards.

  • Select the movie/event/ concert of your choice
  • Select the date and time of the event and make your payments
  • Some of these services are limited to some states

It’s easy to see how e wallets play an important part in making our future a more convenient, cashless, digital one. Protect yours with OneAssist for Wallets and enjoy endless, worry free transactions.  Click here to know more

*App assessed here: PayTm


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