Laptops: Myths vs Facts

Laptops – these omnipresent devices that we can’t live without, aren’t exactly new technology. There are however still some very popular myths about them. We’ve picked some of the most common ones and solutions for you here.

Myth: A laptop won’t connect to other devices, like a smartphone.

Fact: This is true to some extent. Laptops don’t support most 5GHz type mobile hotspot connections. This means that they won’t display the network connectivity option. The solution? – Go into your smartphone hotspot settings and change it to the 2 GHz broadcast channel.

Myth: Off brand adapters are bad for laptop batteries.

Fact: They aren’t the optimal choice but off brand adapters can be used for charging laptops without any battery problem. What you should avoid are imitations of branded adapters that don’t charge well and reduce battery function.

Myth: Using laptops while they charge lowers battery lifespan.

Fact: Not true. But what really damages the laptop is the heat caused by an overworked processor. Plugging in the adapter will heat the battery but not harm it.

Myth: Magnets can erase data when placed near a laptop.

Fact: No. SSDs don’t use any magnetic field or chips to store data. So ordinary magnets won’t have any effect on your data. If exposed to extremely strong magnetic waves, the polarity of magnetic bits can be reversed, corrupting the data. But that’s a VERY strong magnet.

Myth: Securing WiFi with passwords will protect it.

Fact: This is true for private, home networks encrypted with WPA/ WPA 2 security or higher. It’s a different story for public networks, where the passwords only enable access to those networks, but don’t provide any extra protection.

Myth: Switch laptops off when they’re not being used.

Fact: Fans used to keep the laptops cool pull in dust that falls on circuit boards. These devices have to be switched off to prevent that. Fanless laptops are less susceptible to this and can remain on indefinitely. It’s important however to keep the lid closed during sleep mode.

Remembering tips like these will help keep your laptop in running condition. For additional protection against accidental falls, damage caused when a liquid falls on your laptop or theft you have OneAssist Protection plans for your laptop

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