Nokia = Sturdy, True or False

Value for money was something Nokia was known for. They were market leaders because they launched unique, innovative phones that suited everyone’s budget, including that Nokia 3310.

But that was a long time ago. We’re familiar with how Nokia lost their position once android smartphones became the norm. If there’s one thing we miss, it’s how robust their cell phones really were.

Flash cut to 2018 to a new scene, Nokia is slowly building itself back up with their new smartphones.

But first, an overview of what makes a phone indestructible. Old Nokia phones were strong because they had rounded edges, had a strong battery and required very little computing hardware packed into a rigid body. Today phones are getting thinner, they’re like computers now and that means more hardware components.

Nokia had over looked the Android OS and chose to make a Windows phone instead. That failed and Microsoft bought Nokia. Microsoft had to scrap the Nokia venture, after losses totalling at $950 million. Finnish company, Global HMD, acquired licenses from Microsoft, to sell handsets under the Nokia brand. The brand now operates under this name.

Can Nostalgia revive Nokia?  

The CMO of HMD confirmed that it would take over ten years to get Nokia up to speed with Samsung and Apple.* Starting in 2017, several old classics have been restyled and they even have some high end phones that rival Google, Samsung and Apple.

First came the Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 6 phones with Android OS. Buyers were quick to snap these devices up as they were adequately priced and offered the best.

In 2018, HMD revamped the Nokia 6.1 with Androids latest Oreo OS. The company even launched the Nokia Sirocco 8, a premium curved edge version that’s got 128GB storage, 6GB RAM and Android One OS. The Nokia 7 to be launched soon, has a body that’s completely aluminium, going against the grain of a full metal finish.

Starting out with basic phones that had Java, Symbian and then going onto Windows and finally Android – Nokia has never failed us. If you have a Nokia phone, think about giving it something extra – OneAssist protection plans, to secure this device against theft and liquid or accidental damages.  Click here to know more 


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