Technology is helping create smart kids

It goes without saying – technology has made its way into everything we do and is a major part of our lives, but in reality, living in this technology empowered generation has its benefits.

Today we can access all the information we need instantly, whenever or wherever we want and that feels great every time. When you think about it, this couldn’t be a better time for our children, who grow, learn and be creative using this excellent platform. Just ask this kid here.

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Who says kids can’t have any fun? Parents do. Especially when it comes to smartphone games. Her parents have limited gameplay on the phone and she isn’t happy!!


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This scene unfolding in every Indian home. Dad hears the phone ringing but can’t find the phone. He recalls kids playing PUBG, watching YouTube and using WhatsApp. When dad finally manages to find the phone, it has a big crack on the display. He questions the usual suspects but they have their own take on the events that transpired!


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Smartphones help these kids get smarter, which is why your smartphones deserve OneAssist protection plans for mobiles.

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