3 things to look forward to this Christmas

We all celebrate Christmas in our own way, families get together, gifts are exchanged, we decorate that beautiful tree, there’s the sound of carols and the smell of freshly baked plum cake in the air. The joy, cheer and the festive spirit are absolutely unmissable during Christmas. Here are some of the things that make Christmas extra special for everyone.


Recounting funny incidents, catching up on all of the year’s stories, getting together and making merry with family that’s come down from all over the country, Christmas would be incomplete without your uncle dressed as Santa, those crazy gift lists and a great Christmas movie sitting with the entire family. The only question, do you watch Home Alone, Elf or The Grinch this year?


Like all festivals Christmas has some yummy food that comes with it. There’s nothing like plum cakes, rum balls and some hot chocolate to keep warm!  We’re baking in the oven through the day and the refrigerator is stocked full all the time. Its time to let our diets go and indulge in some great Christmas treats.

Gifts & Selfies:

Who doesn’t like taking selfies? And Christmas is nothing if not about showing off the gifts you gave or received! Gifting is probably the most loved aspect of this joyous festival! Seeing the people you love burst into smiles after receiving their gifts or the feeling of delight experienced when opening your own gifts – nothing can beat it. Our phones and social media are full of festive cheer.

Celebrations and the festival of Christmas may only be for a few days, however these memories are for lifetime. To ensure nothing ruins these memories you’re going to create this Christmas, get your home appliances protected by HomeAssist, a plan for all your appliances by OneAssist. Stay Protected.

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