Happy, healthy winters at home

Winters are marked by weddings, sweets, fireworks and families feasting. Loads of celebrations mean that shopping, cooking and decorating your home become a top priority. Staying healthy, warm, safe and happy right here at home makes for a cosy winter.

Why not? It’s the time to indulge. The refrigerator is stocked with yummy foods, even some almonds, raisins and homemade sweets. Running around shopping for Christmas or weddings leaves one tired. The best way to end the day is when mom takes over the kitchen to make Pav bhaji, Vada pav, Dosa or pakodas.

Of course, such deliciousness should be savoured in front of the Smart TV that’s streaming the latest from Netflix. Isn’t that what cold wintery weekends are meant for?

It’s the time for merriment too, so there are plenty of the weddings to attend. It’s also the best time to meet up with relatives and catch up with everyone. If you have relatives, friends and family who are working out of station, then you know this is the time everyone comes over.

So that’s even more microwaving, baking, grilling and cooking. It is great to have everyone around, conversations at dinner time open up a world of new experiences and memories. Other times, it’s GoT or other worthwhile re runs binge watch – any of those pakodas left?

The real Christmas preparations begin at the same time too. When rose cookies,  chocolates and fruit cakes are made at home. They’re packaged with lots of love, meant to be distributed to neighbours and colleagues on Christmas Eve – even the ones you might not like.

Using your appliances the right way can do a lot when it comes to making this winter season special for your family. A HomeAssist protection plan ensures that your home is healthy and happy every winter.

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