Winter garment care made easy

Winters mean loads of warm layers, it also means that you have a lot more washing to do. Shrugs, cardigans, stoles, scarves made out of wool need to be washed differently – with each wash, you’ll notice fibres come loose. Sometimes they stretch and may even tear.

Keeping your woolens in the best condition is easier if you know how to use your washing machine correctly.

If you prefer sticking to the washing machine, then wash all woollens separately and turn them inside out. This prevents lint and fibres from shedding.

Hand washing delicate hand knitted items is what’s recommended. But no one has the time for that, what you can do is set the machine to the lightest wash cycle or run the normal cycle for around five minutes. Make sure you use liquid detergents.

Drying winter garments in the washing machine leads to shrinking or they lose shape. Squeeze out extra water instead of twisting the garment.

Lay the garment down flat on a towel and roll the towel. Allow the garment to dry flat instead of hanging on a clotheslines or hangers and if possible try suspending them over towel bars or collapsible racks.

Allow the drying to take place in a well-ventilated area with some indirect sunlight to prevent foul or damp odour.

These few tips and a HomeAssist protection plan can do wonders for your favourite winter clothes. Take care and stay warm.

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