#BuraNaMano : Holi Proof your gadgets & wallet this Holi

The vibrant festival of colours – Holi, is just around the corner and all of us are busy preparing for the day, from the well-known delicacies, special recipes, where to party, what to wear and which colours to use. While the puran polis and jalebis, the singing and dancing and drenching in colours is great fun, the post scenario can sometimes be unpleasant, with some people left suffering from skin rashes, eye allergies and discolouration of hair. Protection against all of this may not be possible but precaution is always better than cure.

Essential care of ourselves must be taken by applying coconut and mustard Oils, sunscreen, applying nail paint, wear sunglasses, using herbal colours, and staying hydrated.  Similarly, we often overlook the essential and valuable mobile phones, gadgets, wearables and wallets that you just cannot leave behind and can easily turn MIA (Missing in Action) after a Holi mishap, which would be troublesome.

If the phone you own is one of those durable phones that can withstand most things thrown at it, then you need not worry. However, it is more likely that your expensive phone does not come with built-in protection. With the colours, dancing and the loads and loads of water showers, threatening your gadgets and wallets during this festival, here are some really simple and handy tips that can help your phone, wallets and valuables survive this Holi:

  1. Ziplock Pouch:

In these bags, you could actually have a whole lot of your own universe right from food, medicines and even makeup. A ziplock bag is possibly the most affordable way to protect your smartphone and wallets from getting coloured or drenched. Simply put your phone in the ziplock bag, seal it and the treasured valuable is waterproofed

  1. Turn a balloon into a rubber skin case for your phone:

It’s fine if you can’t find a ziplock bag. All you have to do is inflate a balloon and put your phone on it with the screen facing down. Now start deflating the balloon slowly and you will see your phone wrapped in a rubber skin once the air inside the balloon is fully released. It takes only one balloon and a few minutes to make a waterproof case for your phone

  1. Protect your valuables with OneAssist:

No matter how protective about your smartphones and wallets, you can’t really avoid a mishap. From accidental and liquid damage caused to our mobile phones to theft or misuse of our credit and debit cards OneAssist has you covered. Take care of that perfect picture while the app takes care of your phone and wallet and its valuable contents

  1. Leave your phone & wallet behind:

This is undoubtedly the best of all the tips listed here. If being away from your mobile phone doesn’t trigger nomophobia (the fear of being away from your phone), its better you leave your phone behind and enjoy Holi carefree, the way it should be

  1. Rice to the rescue :

In the unfortunate event that you get drenched, along with your dear mobile, immediately put your mobile in a bowl full of rice. The Rice draws away the initial moisture. Take it immediately to a nearby service centre at the earliest and ensure that your mobile is in expert hands.

Here’s wishing all our readers a Happy & safe holi. Make memories & protect them 🙂

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