Making these mistakes could be bad for your AC

When it comes to your AC, there’s so much you need to consider. It has its benefits like cooling, noiseless operation, no extra water required and it dehumidifies the air. There are downsides too like high installation, running and maintenance costs. You can control these additional costs by understanding how to use your AC the right way.

Regardless of the AC unit size and temperature, leaving doors and windows open will impact cooling in the wrong way. If they are left open, warm air will come back instead of being left outside. In other words, you have to create a barrier between the inside and outside air. You also have to consider the ceiling height, actual floor size of the room and how much sunlight it receives.

Leaving your AC running for the whole day might wear it out faster than expected. If you want to save on bills, frequent servicing then switch it on only when you’re at home.

Usually people may switch on the AC after coming home from a hot day at work. They also put it at the lowest temperature possible thinking it will cool down the room faster. Patience is key here, but if you still prefer a cool room after office, get an AC with programmable modes.

One convenient way to faster cooling is to circulate the air using fans. Colder air accumulates around the AC unit and can only be moved around easily by switching on the ceiling fans.

Another reason why cold air won’t circulate is because it’s being blocked by the filter. Particle filters are installed inside the AC to prevent dust & dirt from entering the unit, causing internal damage. Air flow is reduced when these particles are allowed to build up. Ask the servicing guy to clean these filters.

Regular cleaning and AC maintenance keeps it in top shape and prevent breakdowns. Get in touch with us at OneAssist to know how our HomeAssist protection plans can help you avoid breakdowns.

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