Reasons why it’s better to keep a mobile wallet when at stadium

There’s nothing quite like watching a match live at the stadium, the cheers, the atmosphere and getting to see your favourite players fight it out with 50,00 like-minded individuals in matching team gear is an experience not to be missed.

While the crowds at the stadium make the atmosphere great, it also sometimes means we end up losing our wallets, cash or cards. Does that mean you’re going to have to miss out on all the fun of watching your favourite teams play live? Not if you’re prepared the right way.

How can you do this you ask? Simple – switch to a digital wallet! That way, you won’t have to carry your wallet or all your cards and cash with you.

A digital wallet is easier and more secure to pay with as well.  You no longer have to fumble around for cards or cash to pay for drinks and snacks at the cafeteria and miss the next winning shot.

Still want to carry your wallet with you? Well we have a solution that protects both your wallet, all your debit and credit cards as well as your m-wallet against theft – and that’s to get it protected. So your cash, card info, important IDs and M-walletare always safe.

Fulfil the experience of a lifetime by securing your wallet with OneAssist before heading off to the stadium.

Image Source: YouTube

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