Are you World Cup ready yet?

This year is extra special for cricket fans, because the World Cup comes right after the IPL.

For 1 and a half months, 10 teams will battle it out across 48 matches for the most famous trophy in cricket. Prep all devices to help you get the best experience of this extravaganza. But the most important question is……..

Is your television World Cup ready?

Unless you’re visiting England where the World Cup is taking place, your best option is to watch the matches live on your television. Everything seems to be in place – the TV is HD, cable-wallah promised special discounts on sports channel packages. You even have a stadium like atmosphere too, with a home theatre delivering surround sound output. Unlike yesteryears, when you increase the volume using an old remote! But something’s missing from this beautiful picture!

…and your AC?

Temperatures (and excitement) will soar once the World Cup starts, as the matches are spread across the sultry months of June and July. It’s a no-brainer – that you’ll switch on the AC, but control temperatures so you don’t overwork it.

Cravings gone mobile!

Food delivery apps are handy when those cravings begin, but your friendly, neighbourhood 250-litre refrigerator does the real work.

Food tastes much better chilled.

Stack it up with your favourite lip-smacking snacks, and carry on cheering for your favourite team. Don’t forget chilled beverages and loads of ice cubes too.

Appliances are prone to breakdown during the hot summer months. Save your energy for the game and not your repair technicians, servicing hassles with Home Assist Protection Plans. In the meantime, keep calm and cheer on.

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