Protect your wallet in 5 simple ways when shopping online

Use of m-wallets has increased in the post demonetisation era. While we are more or less cashless, we do need more safety measures when it comes to digital transactions too.

While there are trusted ways such as 2-factor authentication for money transfers, create login passwords or OTPs, never use public wi-fi and OneAssist Protection Plan. A protection plan is recommended by experts because it gives you control to protect your information theft, fraud by giving the option of card blocking and stop any misuse.

There are a few more steps you must take to keep your m-wallet secure.

Stick with the trusted apps

All apps should be installed via Google Play Store or Apple Store. To be safe, choose only reputed app developers on Play Store, Apple Store – after reviewing them. Fake apps or those with software bugs could house malware that follows. It can copy or save your card number, password and email IDs.

Stick with trusted networks:

Public networks are not secure and can be used by hackers to browse through your data. If you are sharing a wi-fi, hotspot or public network, log out of your m-wallet first. You can even use VPN traffic encryption but stay away from using sensitive data while connected to such networks.

Email attachments, links:

If such files come from a sender you don’t know, you know what to do. Refrain from opening such files. Use antivirus and scan first.

Good antivirus software:

Antivirus software alerts you about unknown apps, even notifies you about accessing various web pages. It scans any type of URL and app that you use. It’s always recommended to install good antivirus software. 

Install all updates:

Updates make sure that the app is enhanced and bug-free. Install every patch, update ASAP and keep your mobile wallet safe against this. 

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